What We Do

Awareness-building, capacity development and advocacy are the key intervention areas of NSD. The three objectives of the NSD are formulated in line with the three key intervention areas. Thus, in order to achieve stated objectives in particular, NSD carries out the following activities:

  • Develops unity, co-operation and fraternity among the disabled from grassroots to national level
  • Forms/Mobilizes groups/networks/co-operatives at various level
  • Organizes public awareness campaign/programs through education to change prevailing negative attitudes towards the disabled
  • Conducts informal classes about the rights of PWDs (students) and for disabled friendly environment at schools
  • Organizes public hearing programs at grassroots level
  • Organizes street dramas at grassroots level
  • Makes responsible authorities to be more responsive for the rights of PWDs
  • Produces/Broadcasts radio/TV jingle
  • Organizes capacity and skill development (vocational) programs for disabled to improve their access to resources and livelihood opportunities
  • Conducts research, and publishes books, newspapers and magazines on various issues related to disabilities
  • Celebrates Human Rights Days especially disability Day
  • Organizes workshops/seminars/trainings
  • Carries out press statements against human rights violations and abuses in regards to disability
  • Lobbies and advocates on the issues of disability at local, national and international level
  • Initiatives for human rights (disability) friendly national policies and laws in line with international human rights instruments and effective implementation of such laws.