Rupa Pahadi trained for self-earning

Rupa Pahadi is belongs to middle class family. She is suffering from spinal cord injury. She felt down from the tress. She is married girl. After that incident her husband leaves her. She lived with her brother and sister in law house at Bhaktapur Kathmandu Nepal. Through social media she came to that NSD is conducted Garment Training which is supported by Abilis Foundation. She visited to our office. But we are dilemma weather to give her chance or not. She said,” if there is will we can to anything. “By looking her confident we NSD team decided to give her chance. She was active and strong girl. She is perfect on drafting and cutting clothes but she cannot sew the clothes because of machine. Though machines are electronic but we must put less effort of our feet to run it. Sometime disabilities became the barrier of our work.