Determination of Mithu: Dignified Life

Mithu Maya Chepang is a single woman. She lives in Bomati which lies in ward no 6 of Gajuri Rural Municipality. Fifty five year old, Mithu has been living alone since the death of her husband. Her husband died a year ago. She has no children. She lives with her sister-in-law who also happens to be a single woman. They are economically challenged as well and belong to poor and food insecure family. Her sister-in-law needs regular medication as well which only adds to their troubles.

According to her, she wants to bear dignified life in the community by doing some good work and she started to search support to initiate the work to uplift her livelihood, BIHANI get touch with Mithu and carry out series of discussion how she can increase her income. Mrs. Chepang, has shown to rear the piglet which she can care easily wither acquired skill and knowledge so BIHANI has supported her with two piglets recently. She is thankful to BIHANI team for listening to her requests and helping her. She plans to rear these piglets and multiply as time goes on. She is also hopeful that she can help her sister-in-law to get regular medication as well from her earning and bear dignified life in the society.