Income and Dignity through Breeding Buffalo – Setimaya, a Visually Impaired VG

Setimaya Chepang is PwD who is also elderly woman. Seventy five years old Chepang lives in Mathillo Shyamedada of Gajuri, ward no 6. She has a husband and a daughter in her family. Her husband is also an elderly citizen of 88 years. Though she gave birth to 10 children, she has only one daughter left now, she shared her misery. She's been living with her daughter's family. There are 7 total members including her daughter's family. She is a blind and also has psychosocial disability. She underwent an operation in a hope that her eyes would be fine but all in vain. The operation was of no use.

Chepang was listed as severe vulnerable PWD under BIHANI project. She was surveyed and her data was taken during evidence phase and the immediate support she needs was also recorded. She wished to have a breeding buffalo so she could rear it and earn from it by providing it to people who needs it in rent. Her initial state was assessed and was provided with breeding buffalo where BIHANI's contribution was Rs 14,000 and Ms Chepang's contribution was Rs 22,000. The total cost of it was Rs 36,000.

Ram Hari Chepang shares that they have already started earning from it. The family has earned Rs 6500 so far. She shares with us that she will be using the money to celebrate the upcoming Dashain. The family is positive and is in hope that this will help them educate their 3 children. They plan to buy other buffaloes after some time on their own and set an example in the Chepang community that everyone can do if they wish to and have determination to. Right now, people have been renting breeding buffalo from Rs 1000-1500. The Price differs according to the distance.

Ms Chepang's family acknowledges the help BIHANI as a project is doing and helping the helpless like herself and helping them to uplift their economic status to some extent. She extends her gratitude to BIHANI team.