How We Work

NSD gives special attention to gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) and disabled friendly strategies as cross cutting for the effective implementation of its initiatives. However, NSD working approaches and methods of implementation include: 

Integrating Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA): NSD actively integrate this approach in the programmes/projects in order to balance both rights-based and needs-based approaches to achieve concrete and sustainable results. In particular, this approach supports to develop the capacities of rights-holders in claiming their rights and fulfilling their duties and duty-bears to meet their obligations.

Replicating People to People (P2P) Approach: NSD gives priority to form/mobilize and/or engage in saving and credit groups for capacity development, economic empowerment and social inclusion of PWDs and their guardians living at grassroots level. Hence, NSD strongly adopts this approach specially for improving livelihood opportunities of disabled through co-operatives. It reduces the dependency of outsiders' support for improving access to resources, makes cohesive environment and promote social inclusion through working together with people to people (e.g. disabled and non-disable persons: women and men, dalits and non-dalits etc).

Promoting socially inclusive approach: NSD brings together all the socially excluded and marginalized groups like PWDs, Dalits and women in the initiatives/campaigns in order to raise stronger voices of all excluded groups for their rights.

Making Responsible Authorities Responsive: NSD adopts this approach to sensitize and pressurize the responsible authorities to be more responsive and accountable towards their duties and the issues of PWDs.

Promoting synergies through networking and collaboration: Networking and collaboration of like-minded organizations for the rights of disabled is the working approach of NSD that generates greater impacts of advocacy efforts and reduces the cost and duplications. It builds synergy, reduces cost and efforts and derives multiplier impacts.