BIHANI-Becoming Helping Hand of the Helpless

Padam Bahadur Adhikari lives in Bagmare, ward no 7, Budhathum. There are four members in his family- himself, his wife, a grandson and a granddaughter. Eighty two years old, Padam is an elderly citizen who is unable to work and requires support from his family to take care of him. However, his wife is blind and can hardly help him. His two grand children are also living with him because their mother is no longer in this world and their father has a physical disability. He does not live with them. This only adds to their already hard and helpless life.

Padam's granddaughter, Goma Adhikari, takes care of her grandparents. She studied till 12th grade and could not continue her study and she doesnot have any occupation as well.  They had an alternative to survival when PURNIMA BIHANI project was launched in June 2019 and they were also listed among the vulnerable groups.  They have been supported with a calf which will be contributing towards their livelihood and help them allay their trouble to some extent.