Nepal Society of the Disabled (NSD) and Nepal Disabled Society Sewing Center provide employment, self-employment skills development, and public awareness for the empowerment of economically, socially and educationally backward persons with disabilities, and parents of the fully and severely disabled, especially women with disabilities. Fund collection campaign has been conducted for the empowerment of disabled persons with the aim of helping them lead a dignified life. And, for this, it has been appealing to local and foreign dignitaries. Various dignitaries have been voluntarily supporting the fund collection campaign for the empowerment of disabled persons. And, from this fund, the NSD will provide various types of income-generating training, public awareness raising, emergency assistance to disabled persons and their parents in emergency situations, and education to disabled children, to economically, socially and educationally backward disabled people. And, for this, the NSD expects everyone to join hands. We know that the vast ocean begins with drops of water. Let us all voluntarily gather water drop by drop and join the campaign of financial empowerment of people with disabilities in extremely poor conditions. The NSD will be fully accountable, responsible and transparent for the support provided voluntarily by you. Also, we will keep the details of the support provided by you and the people who will benefit from it on the website of the organization.