Strategic Objectives (SOs)

  1. Local people (disabled and non-disabled) and responsible stakeholders/agencies made aware/capacitated/sensitized with more accountable and responsive towards the issues/rights of PWDs for uplifting the status of disabled in the society as dignified citizen of the country. (through awareness-building and capacity development -by fostering leadership development and promoting their personality development)
  2. PWDs and their family members/guardians from disadvantaged/vulnerable communities empowered with self-reliant vocational skills and linked to financial institutions for their better livelihood. (through vocational trainings and  networking/coordination/collaboration with financial institutions)
  3. Government pressurized/committed for the ratification of PWDs related international treaties and to formulate/amend/implement disabled friendly national plans, laws, and policies in accordance with ratified international HR instruments properly and effectively. (through policy review/advocacy in coordination and collaboration with other like-minded organizations)