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Nepal Society of the Disabled

नेपालीको लागि यँहा क्लिक गर्नुहोस् (For Nepali Language)

Nepalese citizens older than 16 years are eligible to become member of NSD, if they desire to follow its Constitution and meet the membership requirements as stipulated in the Constitution of NSD. The memberships are:

  1. General Member: Every person with disability citizen older than 16 years and willing to be a member of this NSD can be a general member.
  2. Life Member: Those persons who have helped and advised especially for the organizational development.
  3. Honorable Member: Those prominent persons who have contributed distinctively for the promotion of the rights and welfare of the PWDs.

For each general member, the memberships shall be effective from Shrawan each year and ends by the end of Ashad of the following year. Each member should pay annual fee and/or renew within the last month of the every fiscal year as stated in the Constitution of NSD. Any member who wants to renew his/her membership after the fixed period of time may renew his/her membership within the next month (Shrawan) by the double payment of renew fee. If the membership is not renewed, the membership expires.

Please download the Membership Application Form here