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Nepal Society of the Disabled

नेपालीको लागि यँहा क्लिक गर्नुहोस् (For Nepali Language)

Sharada began to speak about herself

Sarada 48 years of age is living at the ward no 4 of the Marke VDC in Salyan district. Her family is depended on agriculture. She has got 1 son and 3 daughters. There is no any source of income except agriculture of the husband of Sharada.

Sharada had a dream of making her children well educated doing hard labour. But alas! Misfortune does not come with pre-warning. This happened in the life of Sharada. Although she has overcome the conflict but she has been spending the rest of her life being a disabled person.

It is an incident of 2003/03/19 she has been made disabled by the explosion of a bomb installed by the Nepalese Army at the time of conflict while she was going to the forest above her house to take some grass and woods for the domestic use. The bomb separated her right foot from the knee. Due to this reason she was made disabled.

What type of contempt had been faced by Sharada in a society that considers disability as the result of sin? It is only a matter of imagination it was not a matter of surprise that the mind of Sharada was full of hopelessness and frustration as she lost a important part of the good body and become a disabled. Sharada used to repeat time and again that it would have been better to died at the very place rather to live in this condition. But there was no one to speak about her.

She had heard a radio broadcast that the PWDs can obtain relief from the state. But she was unknown about the place and person to contact.

Sharada Sharma first participated in a programme in contact with the PWDs representatives through the support of the high commission of the United Nations for the Human Rights Office. The Programme was held in 2011/04/07 at the district headquarters of Salyan-Khalanga. She had met directly and talked first time the PWDs like herself at that time. The event had inspired her towards the optimism in place of pessimism. 

Now a day sharada has known well that everyone should speak for him self or herself about him or her. Learning is a trial. So Sharada has been starting to know about the transitional justice. Now Sharada is able to advocate for herself the transitional justice as well as the other conflict affected PWDs while she used to afraid of speaking before.

Determination of Searching Justice for a Son

Mr. Jokh Bahadur Khadka and his son Bhim Bahadur were found while we were searching PWDs affected by the conflict. Jokh Bahadur and Bhim Bahadur are the representatives of the Rukum, Khara who directly faced the conflict themselves. At that time Ganesh, son of Bim Bahadur was very small. What's a bomb? What's a gun powder?  What's a War? His childish brain could not think or feel. He lost his one eye due to this incident.

The younger son of Jokh Bahadur Khadka, a resident of Rukum district, Khara VDC, Ward No 1 had lost his one eye by an unidentified bomb blast. The war of Khara which was fought between Royal Nepalese Army and the CPN (Maoist)'s PLA in 2001/05/24 had left the unidentified bomb which was exploded and had affected many children but Mr. Bhim Bahadur was victimized directly.

One eye of Bhim Bahadur Khadka is totally blind. Now he is facing his life of existence in challenge with the help of only one eye. He didn't like to go to school feeling humiliation before other friends of him. Although his father Bhim Bahadur had sent his son to school inspiring continuously.

In fact, Mr. Bhim Bahadur a direct victimized by the past conflict is a simple and straight forward person. He has no any income source except agriculture. He has no knowledge of malpractice in cause of living.  He had no confidence that conflict victimized persons get relief from the state although he had heard it from a radio broadcast. How could he believe it? He heard so many such matters in his life but he stayed calm and quite thinking that no one helps in the long run. Mr. Jokh Bahadur did no effort for his son neither he demanded any support from any where.

Mr. Bhim Bahadur did not accept totally at the beginning while we invited in a programme related to the transitional justice of conflict affected PWDs. He accepted after our due efforts for taking part in the programme. Mr. Jokh Bahadur came to khalanga the headquarters of Rukum with his son to participate in the programme on the date of 2011/04/13. He saw many conflict victimized PWDs of Rukum district in the programme. They also saw the discussions between the political party leaders and the chiefs of the local bodies. Mr. Jokh Bahadur was inspired by this programme. He also narrated the whole story of disability of his son at the time of conflict to all persons and demanded support from the government.

Mr. Jokh Bahadur knew very well that no one can get everything without creating propaganda in this country. So, now a day Mr. Jokh Bahadur has started to cry openly about his son. He also participated with his son in a programme held in Kathmanmdu for the sake of his son's justice. Mr. Jokh Bahadur demanded support from the state to the PWDs affected by the conflict, in a programme launched by NSD and financed by OHCHR. Now we can see the firm determination of continuity within Jokh Bahadur Khadka's activity for the justice of his son Bhim Bahadur Khadka.

Pahal Bahadur, in Favor of Peace

Pahal Bahadur Chalaune is the name of a Commander within the insurgency group at the time of conflict. He has acquired several experiences of war time. He had participated directly in the arm struggle starting from panchakule of Dang, to the many spots of the Far-western and Mid-western development regions of Nepal. Pahal Bahadur was unknown about the politics and Maoist at the beginning. Panchaman left Salyan and descended to Nepalgunj where he passed his SLC when the Conflict between the rebellion group and the state group was very intense. He also joined Nepal Police Force in 1997. Then rebellion group, the Maoist, put pressure to his family to leave the job of a policeman. So, Mr. Pahal Bahadur returned to his home village leaving the job of a policeman. He became a Maoist gurilla by compulsion and the life of political person started to go forward.

Mr. Pahal Bahadur Chalaune is a permanent resident of Ward No 3, Kharabang of Sarja Katunje VDC, Salyan district. His financial condition is very poor. He has no any alternation of income except traditional agriculture. Pahal Bahadur has returned his home village after the signature of the Detail Peace Agreement. Now he is not a able person with his handsome body. He has got his disabled body with his scattered present life and uncertain future.

Mr. Pahal Bahadur was met at a programme held in khalanga, the district headquarters of Salyan district in a movement of transitional justice in which the PWDs must be included. Mr. Pahal Bahadur did not disclose all his matters while we met him at first. But he expressed his stories of misery easily when we kept close with him.

Pahal Bahadur had been disabled by the misfire of his own comrade at Burase, Damachaur in Salyan district at the time of conflict. One hand, one leg and one ear of him do not work well. Although he is walking by compulsion. Mr. Pahal Bahadur, a father of 2 daughters and 1 son is anxious about his future life and his issues.

Mr. Pahal Bahadur who involved in the war intending to creat a beautiful world and makes a drastic change. Now he is dissatisfied with his colleagues also. Now, so many of his comrades have obtained the high position of the state who didn't know him. Pahal Bahadur Singh Chalaune is only a representative model of the conflict. In fact the fighters, who participated directly in the conflict and become disabled, have no good conditions different from Pahal Bahadur Chalaune. Pahal Bahadur Singh Chalaune was taken action by the party and expelled while he raised the question of his condition after he became disabled. Now neither he is within UCPN (Maoist) party nor accepted by the society. Where is the meeting place of hope for Mr. Chalaune? We can only imagine.

Pahal Bahadur Singh Chalaune is a man who has stood still by overcoming sufferings, scarcity and difficulties. He did not stepback although he was pessimist in the beginning. All PWDs whether they may have of the natural or the conflict victimized, have borne to the same sufferings which Mr. Pahal Bahadur accepts. Pahal Bahadur has understood very well that the PWDs have been under shadow of the political parties and the state structures. Pahal Bahadur has decided to advocate for peace in the rest of his life.

Indra Lal Gautam has been looking for Justice

It is very difficult to find a person who has not been affected by the state or the rebellions in reference to the conflict in the conflict affected districts including Rukum, Rolpa, Salyan. Several persons were targeted by the elements those were involved in the conflict on the basis of doubt. Indra Lal Gautam, a resident of Ward No 5, of Seri Village Development Committee, Rukum district, is one of them.

To choose a political party and an ideology is the fundamental right of a person. Indra Lal Gautam was seriously beaten by the cadres of the rebellion group as he tried to use this right. Due to that reason he became disabled.

According to Indra Lal Gautam and other persons it was the incident of 1996. The conflict was in progressive stage at the Rukum district at that time. All parties had pressurized to every family to give one member each to their own party. Indra Lal was near to the Nepali Congress Party. So he went to Baphiyakot High School of Rukum district in 2096 to participate in a mass meeting held by Nepali Congress. The CPN (Maoist) cadres, then rebellion group, attacked on the programme. In this incident Indra Lal Gautam was beaten seriously and his one leg was broken for ever.

Now the crutch is only the supporting tool of Indra Lal Gautam's body. He can't move a little without the support of the crutch. Neither has he had his stout body nor any type f reliable income support at this time. Now he repairs umbrellas sitting on a chowk of Musikot, Khalanga bazaar of Rukum district and supports his family's livelihood as he was trained by an NGO.

Indra Lal has shed a stream of tears since 1996. He was considered as a cadre of Nepali Congress while he was living with his complete body. But his own party Nepali Congress also has become an unknown institution for him these days.

Indra lal knows very well that the state provides relief and compensation to the PWDs affected by the conflict. He has also filed an application at the District Administration Office of Rukum. He also discussed in the Peace Committee of the district time and again.  But he got no relief. He was so frustrated that he was totally hopeless for relief as he was unable to get anything as he tried time and again.

Indra Lal also took part in a programme launched by NSD in Rukum district financed by the OHCHR. He was trained for the rights of PWDs affected by the conflict and the transitional justice in the programme.

Now a days Indra Lal Gautam is hopeful for life. He knows very well that one should shout to exercise own rights. This change within Indra Lal will make him strong to fight for justice continuously and he will never return back from the way to justice.