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Nepal Society of the Disabled

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest body in the hierarchy of the organization comprising 110 members. The GA, which meets each year, also elects the Executive Committee (EC) for a period of three years. Currently, NSD has an inclusive EC of nine members including four females led by women. The EC is the decision-making body that formulates policies, strategies and develops programs. It is responsible and accountable to GA for overall management and development of the organization. The EC members have a wide range of expertise and experience in different areas of the disability field. NSD has also formed Secretariat consisting of three members from EC for effective and smooth functioning of day-to-day work/initiatives of the organization as all the EC members are physically disabled, it is difficult to attend all the meetings of the organization. The Chairperson is the Chief Executive (CE) of the Secretariat.

NSD has developed a nationwide network with concerned groups to mobilize self-help organizations at local level and to encourage their participation in a wider awareness movement with the goal of rights-based and need-based approach to PWDs.

Executive Committee Members

  1. Tej Kumari Tiwari


  1. Ram Chandra Karki


  1. Om Pun

General Secretary

  1. Rasmina Sherpa


  1. Krishna Maurati


  1. Binu Rana


  1. Radhika Nainawasti


  1. Bal Krishna Ghimire


  1. Harendra Shaha Teli


Secretariat Members

  1. Tej Kumari Tiwari

Chief Executive

  1. Om Pun


  1. Rasmina Sharpa



  1. Bharat Koirala

Organizational Management

  1. Dinesh Khanal

Organizational Development (OD) and International Relations

  1. Tika Dhoj Khadaka (Advocate)

Organizational Legal Part


  1. Rasmina Sherpa, Manager
  2. Angura Koirala, Accountant
  3. Sangita Sarki, Social Mobilizer
  4. Krishna Kumar Sapkota, Program Coordinator
  5. Prakash Kandel, Finance Officer
  6. Chandra Dev Kamati, District Program Coordinator
  7. Bishnu Dev Yadav, District Admin/Finance Officer
  8. Niraj Kumar Kamati, Social Mobilizer
  9. Rina Singh, Social Mobilizer
  10. Surendra Kumar Sah, Social Mobilizer
  11. Sanju Kumari Mahatto, Social Mobilizer